Our history

Mazzoni Frozen produce frutta surgelata: The ideal partner for the processing industry, distribution, ice cream making and professional pastry.

Since 1970 we have been supplying to the most important jam, yoghurt and juice producers in Europe. Over time, we have improved the production of frozen fruit, integrating the research of strawberry varieties patented for specific uses and intended for artisan ice-cream shop or food industries.

At our headquarters in Tresignana (FE) we manage with qualified personnel the marketing of over 15,000 tons/year for export worldwide and storage, using innovative BRC/IFS certified technologies.
Mazzoni Group has been working for decades with the main frozen fruit and vegetable processing/distribution companies. A qualified technical staff, helped by specialised technicians, manages and controls the production of berry fruits in the most suitable areas of the planet. The products are harvested at the right state of ripeness, carefully sorted and frozen to keep their organoleptic characteristics intact.

All in compliance with the main quality certifications and European laws.
We make our product range available 365 days a year. The sales office is open all year round to satisfy any customer’s needs, while the logistics office takes care of the transport also carrying out the Just in Time service: deliveries all over Italy in the shortest possible time, with its own vehicle or with external services consolidated in over 40 years of work.

We offer products in 10-20-25 kg packaging for industrial processing, or 2.5 kg packaging for distribution needs.
The experience gained in research in the strawberry sector, combined with a deep knowledge of the specific characteristics of the individual items (often divided according to the areas of origin, varieties, harvesting times, etc.) allows us to offer each customer the product that best suits their specific needs. The streamlined structure also allows us to respond to the various needs with maximum speed and efficiency.

The supply chain

1. Research and development

Productivity, containment of cultivation costs, health of the plant and fruit, respect for the environment: these values inspire daily research into innovative solutions. We are familiar with all the problems in the sector and offer producers the most suitable solutions for the modern market.

2. The nursery

Producing fruit for today’s market requires passion, professionalism and adequate technical means. Mazzoni Nursery puts all its experience and technology into the field to grow strawberry plants, fruit trees and rootstocks suitable for any climatic environment and equipped with the most advanced production methods.

3. Fresh fruit and vegetables

Fruit crops include strawberries, apples, pears, peaches, kiwis and apricots. All productions are certified according to the strictest industry standards and are marketed under the most important brands in the fruit sector (Pink Lady®, Mela Più®, Opera®, Modì®).

4. Frozen fruit and purée

Our fruit, after having been carefully sorted by means of manual and laser controls, is processed into purée or frozen. Frozen products are available in different formats: IQF fruit, shells, halves or pieces, with specific cuts on request; our purée is packaged in convenient 1-kg trays, which can be customised according to your needs.


Tailor made

In synergy with the Research and Development department and the Nursery, we develop varieties of fruitdestined for specific uses by the customer, dealing in particular with strawberries.

We also study a specific customised packaging in line with the needs of individual companies, pastry shops or ice-cream shop, especially as regards IQF fruit and purée.

Our certifications

For over 20 years our Mazzoni Frozen brand has been a leader in the production and marketing of frozen organic fruit (CCPB certified) with over 2,500 tons/year. All products are examined according to a rigorous analysis plan, in collaboration with a certified external laboratory.

Mazzoni fresh division, in order to pursue customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of the entire company organisation, has implemented, consolidated and certified its Quality system in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 and its packaging plants to BRC Global Standard, BRC Global Standard, International Food Standard (IFS), QS Qualitat und Sicherhert.

Our modern and effectivetraceability system guarantees product and process control at all stages of the supply chain (from producer to consumer), a fundamental prerequisite of the daily activity of packaging centres.