The harvesting and freezing of strawberries in Morocco


It is early April and harvesting and freezing are in the middle of the countryside.

This year the Frozen division expects to exceed 3,000 tonnes by the end of May with organic strawberries, cubes, segments, with and without petiole.

Most of the strawberries are from the Mazzoni Nursery, especially the Nabila variety, which is appreciated both for the fresh and frozen markets. Many industries appreciate the good red colour even internally and the intense flavour of the strawberry when ripe.

The project developed with a local company in Morocco located between Kenitra and Larache, has led to investments to triple the daily freezing capacity (up to 60 tons/day) and the possibility to plant our varieties well tested by the Nursery division.

With this partnership and supply chain collaboration we serve all the Italian jam companies and since 2015 some of the leading European fruit semi-processed product companies.

In the last few days, some Italian customers visited the facility guided by the quality manager Francesca Andreetti, who supervised also the production with specific characteristics requested by the customer.