Ketty Frulla

Frozen fruit for smoothies

The focus on healthy eating is spreading and expresses in the food consumption habits of consumers who seek something good and alternative to traditional offerings even outside the home.

Ketty Frulla offers a mix of fruit sorted and checked in our factory: chopped, frozen, and then it is ready to be smoothed and served to your customers!



Mango pineapple papaya


Strawberry peach

The gren one

Apple kiwi celery


Strawberry banana


Blueberry raspberry strawberry

The red one

Beet carrot raspberry

Ideale per

Ideal for

Ice-cream shop
Pastry shops

I nostri prodotti possono essere usati per diversi preparati, dalle confetture, alle torte e semifreddi. Qui potete trovare alcuni suggerimenti di impiego.

Our products can be used for different preparations, from jams to cakes and semifreddo. Here you can find some suggestions for use.

Puoi usarlo per

You can use it for

Fruit mixes

Come usarlo

How to use it

Pour 100 ml
of clear apple

Looking for even bigger flavour?
Add some Mazzoni
chopped ginger!

Add a sachet
of Ketty Frulla
frozen fruit.

Each sachet
contains one 150g
portion of fruit.

Blend for
40/50 seconds.

Serve and Enjoy!

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Ask for information

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