Strawberries Dry-Fix ™

Strawberries are our great passion, that is why we have different varieties and sizes available: full or calibrated strawberries, halved strawberries for use in pastry making. Beside being leader producer of organic strawberries, upon request we can offer our varieties for multi-year mono-variety supply and cultivation projects.

Caratteristiche e proprietà

Characteristics Properties

Caratteristiche fisiche

Physical characteristics

Colore: Typical red

Colour: Typical red

Stoccaggio: - 18°

Storage: - 18°



10 kg | 5 kg | 2,5 kg | 1 kg

Pesticidi e metalli pesanti

Pesticides and heavy metals

Contaminants (heavy metals, pesticides, microtoxins, radioactivity, dioxin)
complying with the limits defined by the European Regulations (Reg. 396/2005 and Reg. 1881/2006) and subsequent updates).

Taglio disponibile

Available cut

Questo prodotto è disponibile nelle seguenti tipologie di tagli:

This product is available in the following types of cuts:

  • Fruit in pieces
  • Halves
  • Whole fruit

Ideale per

Ideal for

Pastry shops

I nostri prodotti possono essere usati per diversi preparati, dalle confetture, alle torte e semifreddi. Qui puoi trovare alcuni suggerimenti di impiego.

Our products can be used for different preparations, from jams to cakes and semifreddo. Here you can find some suggestions for use.

Puoi usarlo per

you can use it for

Cakes and semifreddo

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Ask for information

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